Wednesday, 18 June 2014

4 Interesting and Quirky Bathtub Designs

If you want to take your bathroom to the next level then one of these unique bathtub designs will definitely do that for you. Creating a statement in a space that is so personal to its owner is a delicate balance to get right. I believe that bathrooms are so often an afterthought in interior design that I thought I would focus my next posts on this particular room. To me my bathroom is what I face in the morning and what I wash my day away in therefore it needs to the calmest room in the house.

1. The Bathsphere by Alexander Zhukovsky - This design really hits on the idea of having your own personal, weightless bubble. You can change the temperature, humidity, light, sounds and smells to the exact mood you wish. Only downside is that you can hardly hide anything.....

2. Boat Bathtub by Wieki Somers - Less sci-fi and more a naturalistic statement piece. Its like an upside down idea, trying to keep water in a boat as opposed to outside. It however does encapsulate the deep peaceful feeling that you can have when drifting down a river in that same rowing boat. Found on Musings

3. Biblio by Antonio Lupi - Bathtub for the bookworms of the world of which I proudly include myself. Never more shall you run out of reading material mid-soak (a nightmare I cannot begin to comprehend). This brings the tranquility which many find in reading to your bath.

4. The Unit by Philippe Malouin - Saving space is not always a good thing. Kitchen and bathrooms to me different moods, spaces and not to be combined. 
Let me know what you thought about designs, or if not whether bathtubs aren't truly that important. 

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