Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Marvelous Bookcases From Everywhere

Books are beautiful things therefore they need a beautiful thing to be encased into. The joyous news is that many people have seen and fulfilled this need already so I've had the best time just hunting for the most interesting or odd specimens to show you...

1. As the oldest invention: the wheel. This bookcase moves as you move. Doesn't seem like it should work if I'm honest but I'm told in no uncertain terms but a design engineer that I am, on this one, wrong.

2.They can send a message.....subtly 

3. They can be hidden where you would not normally expect...(I'd love to find a book in a tree)

4. I love the ingeniousness of these two, using anything you find to make a wall the main focus of the room. For example skateboards or even equations.

5.This design has such a beautifully fluid shape that I had to include. I wish i had a wall large enough to encompass this.
6. Last but not least, for all the hero fans out there Dark Knight bookcase.

 I hope you found these designs as interesting as I did, any comments are welcome

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