Sunday, 8 June 2014


My new passion of the moment is home ware, anything that fits in your home I am now currently obsessed with. Which leads me to the nature of this post, on my travels through the internet I have found the most eccentric and intriguing bedding designs going. Which leads me to my favorite, DENY Designs.
Much like the site Threadless they use artists existing work or specific ideas for DENY to create these amazing unique covers. I doubt anyone can ever reach the end of their designs page, it seems endless to me. They are more expensive than you average covers however they have a decent thread count and are of good quality. You could see it as I suppose as a good investment. Then again that could be me convincing myself.

On a completely different spectrum Snurk are a new(ish) Dutch company who don't exactly do beautiful but are more innovative than that. Starting with the idea of a cardboard box duvet it was all uphill for there. They have truly interesting bedding choices, especially for kids as well that I truly find intriguing to watch. I just wish the UK had easier access. P.S. Fun Fact: Snurk means to snore in Dutch.

Last but not least I have Sin In Linen for any tattoo or henna fans this is more the site for you. Beautiful pin up designs that are truly individual and like nothing else on the market. True they are more just black and white designs but that can go with any color scheme you have, just tie it in with some nice colorful throw cushions and you are set!

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