Saturday, 21 June 2014

Storage Ideas From My Place

In a world where not everyone can get the amount of space they want (especially in England) hidden storage is king. If your slightly on the scatter brained side like moi you may tend to put things down and say I'll sort that out later which ends up with a pile of things to do at the end of the week. 

I am now on a mission to organise the lot. First off I bought a rattan bowl and basket like so (for only £3!!):  
Had a bit of a brainstorm of what was best to put in what, they're not specific for any use so I had many weird and wonderful trinkets to fill them with. However I finally reached the conclusion that my hairbands could fill the snake basket.
It now proudly sits next to Brian.

The dish was to become place to put things when I come in and cannot be bothered put them in their proper place. E.g. when alcohol is involved.
If you can think of a better use for them please do let me know because I am sure they will have changed their use by next week even.

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